Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Well, let the theories begin. After the recent announcement that Facebook had purchased the popular camera app Instagram for $1 billion, it seems as though a wave of haters have popped up, and are convinced that Instagram as we know it is finished. Now, I have no idea what Mr. Zuckerberg plans to do with his new app toy, any more than the haters do, but can’t we wait and see what he does with it first?

I understand everyone thinks that Facebook is taking over the world or the internet or our collective social lives, but the ratio of complainers to people that love their Facebook is pretty skewed. Everyone complains when there are changes made to your page, or “Timeline” is introduced, or whatever the next new FB creation happens to be, but 2 weeks later no one can remember what it used to look like, and they LOVE whatever the new design or improvement is. And I suspect Instagram will be no different.

Sure, the way the photos get uploaded may differ, or how they get to your respective social networking sites may vary slightly, but you’re still going to get to take the cool pictures with the cool filters, aren’t you? I think this may be a good thing for Facebook to integrate, and we will see soon how one of the most popular apps in the world is going to be affected. Of course, Facebook could completely destroy Instagram as we know it, too (just in case) – I guess we’ll just have to keep snapping away and see what happens…

image courtesy of Diesel Laws

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